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    目的:动态监测南通市60岁以上老年人新冠特异性IgM、IgG、IgA抗体水平,并了解相关影响因素。方法:选取崇川区、如东县、启东市作为监测点,分别于2022年12月下旬、2023年3月中旬和5月下旬开展3轮监测。用SPSS软件进行统计分析,均值比较用t检验,率的比较用χ2检验。结果:三轮共监测1 070人,第一轮352人,第二轮358人,第三轮360人,前后三轮重叠的有848人,其中年龄最大的为101岁,平均年龄72.34±8.06岁。从IgG抗体水平来看,第一轮抗体中位水平为1.68S/CO,第二轮为104.12S/CO,第三轮为48.69S/CO。第一轮阳性率为53.13%,第二轮为86.03%,第三轮为87.22%,差异有统计学意义。从监测轮次来看,2022年12月下旬到2023年5月下旬,半年时间内,接种率逐渐上升,第三轮接种率达到96.70%。从年龄来看,60-69岁人群接种率最高(96.00%),80岁及以上人群接种率最低(82.50%)。接种过新冠疫苗的人群IgG抗体中位水平及阳性率均高于未接种人群。多因素分析结果显示年龄与是否感染有关。 结论:南通市60岁以上老年人IgG抗体水平在2023年3月达到高峰后下降,年龄越高,IgG抗体阳性率越低,但感染几率也越小。接种新冠疫苗者抗体中位水平及阳性率均高于未接种者。应继续提倡老年人群接种新冠疫苗。

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    Objective:To dynamically monitor the levels of serum specific IgM,IgG and IgA antibodies after novel corona virus infection in the elderly over 60 years old in Nantong city,and to investigate the related influencing factors of the population. Methods:Three rounds of monitoring were carried out in late December in 2022,mid-march and late May in 2023 in Chongchuan District,Rudong County and Qidong,respectively. SPSS software was used for statistical analysis. t-test was used for comparison of mean values and χ2 test was used for comparison of rates. Results:A total of 1,070 people were monitored in three rounds,with 352 people in the first round,358 people in the second round,and 360 people in the third round.There are 848 people overlapping in the three rounds.Among whom the oldest was 101 years old and the average age was 72.34±8.06 years old. In terms of IgG antibody levels,the median level was 1.68 s/co for the first round,104.12 s/co for the second round,and 48.69 s/co for the third round. The positive rate was 53.13% in the first round,86.03% in the second round and 87.22% in the third round. The difference was statistically significant. According to the monitoring rounds,the vaccination rate increased gradually in half a year from late December 2022 to late May 2023,and reached 96.70% in the third round. In terms of age,60-69 years old had the highest vaccination rate(96.00%)and 80 years old and over had the lowest vaccination rate(82.50%). The median level and positive rate of IgG antibody in the people who had received covid-19 vaccine were higher than that in the people who had not received covid-19 vaccine. The age was related to the infection. Multivariate analysis results showed a correlation between age and infection status. Conclusion:In Nantong,the IgG antibody level of older people over 60 years old decreased after reaching a peak in March 2023,and the higher the age,the lower the positive rate of IgG antibody,but the lower the infection rate. The median antibody level and positive rate of those who received COVID-19 vaccine were higher than those who did not. The vaccination of the elderly should continue to be promoted.