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    目的:编制适用于医疗安全不良认知的调查量表,并检测其信度、效度。方法:2023年11-12月,以健康信念模型理论为依据,在文献研究、专家指导的基础上确定原始量表条目,以石嘴市某三级医院的医护为研究对象,通过项目分析、探索性因子分析、验证性因子分析形成正式问卷并分析其信效度。结果:正式问卷由认知严重性(3个条目)、认知益处(3个条目)、认知易感性(3个条目)、认知障碍(4个条目)及自我效能(7个条目)5个因子共20个条目构成,方差累积贡献率为71.44%,各维度得分与总分的相关性均有统计学意义(P < 0.001)。总量表的Chronbach’s α系数为0.810,各维度的Chronbach’s α系数0.733至0.902,问卷具有良好的结构效度和信度,验证性因子分析表明量表具有较好的拟合指标。结论:所编制的医疗安全不良事件认知量表具有良好的信度和效度,适用于测评医护医疗安全不良事件的认知情况。

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    Objective:To develop and test the reliability and validity of a perception questionnaire for medical safety adverse events. Methods:The original questionnaire entries were determined on the basis of literature research and expert guidance,based on the theory of health belief modeling. Taking the medical staff of a certain tertiary hospital in Shizui City as the research object, a formal questionnaire was formed through item analysis, exploratory factor analysis, and confirmatory factor analysis and its reliability and validity were analyzed. Results:The formal questionnaire consisted of a total of 20 items on five factors:cognitive severity(3 items),cognitive benefit*(3 items),cognitive susceptibility(3 items),cognitive impairment(4 items),and self-efficacy(7 items),with a cumulative contribution of 71.44% to variance,and statistically significant correlations between scores on each of the dimensions and the total score. The correlation between the scores of each dimension and the total score was statistically significant(P < 0.001). The Chronbach’s alpha coefficient for the total questionnaire was 0.810,and the Chronbach’s alpha coefficients for the dimensions ranged from 0.733 to 0.902. The questionnaire has good structural validity and reliability. Validated factor analysis showed that the questionnaire had good fit indicators. Conclusion:The developed medical Safety Adverse Event Perception Questionnaire has good reliability and validity and is suitable for measuring healthcare nursing perception of healthcare safety adverse events.