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    目的:掌握老龄化健康政策的研究热点、现状与趋势。方法:检索WOS建库至2023年12月有关老龄化健康政策的文献,共得到4 066篇。运用CiteSpace对检得的文献进行统计和可视化分析,并绘制关键词的聚类、时间线、突现图谱。结果:老龄化健康政策研究领域发文量总体呈上升趋势。发文国家中发文量最大的是美国(1 606篇),其次为中国(549篇)。发文机构中加利福尼亚大学系统发文量位列第一,发文作者中Muhammad,T发文量最高。该领域热点大多集中在心理健康、长期护理、就地养老、生命质量等方面。结论:为积极应对老龄化,各国政策正从社会环境、养老模式、医疗水平、医疗保障、科技创新等方面不断完善老年健康服务体系。我国在老年人的心理健康治疗、长期护理、社区护理、数字化养老、慢性病防治以及老年医学人才的培养等方面仍存在发展的空间。

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    Objective:To learn about thehotspots,current status and trends in health policy on population aging. Methods:A total of 4,066 articles were obtainedafter searching for the articles of aging health policy from the build of WOS to December 2023. The articles were visualized and analyzed byusing CiteSpace,and themaps of clustering analysis,timeline as well as emergence on keywords are then to be drawn. Results:There is an overall upward trend in the number of publications in this area. Among the countries,the United States(1,606 articles)ranked first,followed by China(549 articles). the University of California System ranked first in terms of the number of articles published. Muhammad,T. had the highest number of articles published by authors. Most of the hotspots in this field focus on mental health,long-term care,aging in place,and quality of life. Conclusions:In order to positively respond to population aging,policies in various countries have continued to improve the health service system for the elderly in terms of social environment,model of old-age care,medical care,health insurance,technological innovation and so on. There is still room for development in China in terms of senior citizens’ mental healthcare,long-term care,community care,digitalized elderly care,prevention and treatment of chronic diseases,and the training of geriatrics personnel.